Hi my name is Phiu, I am  Indonesian Domestic Short Hair Cat. I like to share to you all,,  little story of me ....
In picture below, its me :) ,, watching my Master laptop... I thing I will write something here...  just kidding..

I am writing my story here ( joking ,,, haha)

The first time, I met my Master , it was at traditional market. At that time I still breast feeding to my cat mom... I was about two months.

At that time, my Master did not see me. She saw my sister first. And... It was short meeting, because it seems that my Master was to busy at that time.

Two months later, My master sister's ask my previous owner to adopt my cat sister. But my previous owner gave us both to My New Master. I was taken by my My Master mothers, she sent us to Bogor from Bandung.

I was  four months old when the first time I live in Bogor with my Master . Just me and my master, together live in a new house that she just bought. Its small and simple house, but I feel homey.

My master take good care of me. She fed me three times a day. When she was at work, I stayed alone at home. When she  was not at home, I just sleept all day.

I am just local cat, originally from Indonesia. I love my Master so much. She always play with me when she off from works.

She bathes me every Saturday. She took me walking  every Sunday morning. I love when she walks me, because I can breathe fresh air, and running every where I want.  By doing this She wants to keep me healthy.

I always around my Master. when she was doing her home works. When she was watching TV, when she was eating, gardening, cooking, sleeping... etc. I don't like to be left alone when she is at home. I like to stay close to my Master. Because She is everything to me.

Anyway, my Master likes to take pictures of me. I will show you, few of my pictures that  she took. 
I like selfie like most people do... meowwaahhh..

My Selfie time 
You know that all cat spent all day by sleeping,,, well down here is me when I was sleeping.

I sleep on my Master bed

I sleep in my bucket, its become tiny because I grow bigger

My favorite place to sleep, on my Master bag

It's mine, i'ts precious  ... it's my chair... feel like character in LOTR ,,, hahaha

When my Master doing her tasks at home, or while she watch TV, this is what I do, You can see in the pictures below.

I hijack her laptop ... LOL

I sat on her paper

I sat on the table, so she can't watch TV

Hahaha... that's me,,, always near my Master. I am a little bit mischievous... Just to cheer up my day and to make my Master smile.
Well that's it... A Little story about me... and what is your story?
I am Phiu Dome (cat) ... sorry if my English writing is not good, I am still learning .. Have a nice day everyone...

NB: Thanks Violace , for reading and make correction to this writing :)


  1. hi piyu, you look so cute, your behavior like make people wanna pinch your body