My name is Pow Brownies. Take a note, I am a kitten, not a cake.  My Master gave me that name. I don’t know why, don’t you think its sound silly... lol ..  Silly but I like it.  Maybe she likes brownies, and she likes me too, that’s why she called me brownies. I have little round dark yellow eyes, with black and brown shading on my back. That is what I look like. You can see my picture below.

This is me at present time
I am three months old at this moment. I am Persian race. But I was born in Sumedang. And now I stays in Bogor, The Rain City.  As you know, I am a kitten. So its not easy to nurse me. luckily My master is very patient taking care of me. Because as a kitten, there is so much thing I need to learn.I need to learn how to pup, I always mesh up with my food, etc... meow..

This is me, when I was one week old

Anyway, when arrived at my Master house, I got little bit stressed. The weather is warm to hot. As a cat with thick fur, I was  getting hot. That is why, since I lived there, I slept on the floor. Even though my master bought me a cage for sleeping.  

My Big Brother hijack my cage

Turn that, when I adopted by my new Master, Automatically, I  have one cat brother. His name is Phiu. He is a local cat. Maybe you already know him. Cause My Master wrote a story about him in this blog too. The title is “ Phiu,Indonesian Short Hair Cat” ... for you who doesn’t know my big brother Phiu, You can read that article.

When the first time I came to my Master house, Phiu seems doesn’t like me. He always intimidated me with scary grumpy sound of him. Oooo.... that stressed me a lot. About two days he acted like crazy cat. But now, he and I like true cat brothers... hahaaa

Me and my bro

We play together, Sleep together, and eat together. My master has the same love for me as for my brother Phiu. I feel comfort, save and happy living with my new family.

Pow... Pow.. Pow... that what my master said, when she called me. Funy .. Sound Goofy too. My Master have weird sense of humor ... But, as I told you before, I like my name.

I don't' know why we are doing this ,,,,, hahahaha